Weeding Work
Regular weeding work and pruning is essential for a good garden. Ephemeral weeds can set seed in 6-8 weeks and can produce many generations of plant in a year. One years seed , Seven years weed. True , as weed seeds can stay in the soil for many years .
Tidy Up’s - A days labour for when things get out of hand
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We specialise in Garden Tidy Up’s & the removal of penitious weeds, either by organic or non organic means. Every garden has weeds and regular removal and hoeing of the soil to break the plants cycle is important. Neat translocating weedkiller can be painted onto plants such as bindweed , ground elder and nettles to start the removal You may want your garden to look good for a special occasion or party. You may have lost sight of the weeds and nature is starting to take over - it happens but don’t worry as we are experts!
We can trim your hedges , prune your climbers , weed your borders , mow your grass , edge your lawn , jet wash your hard surfaces , collect your leaves & prune your perennials.
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Tidy Days & Weeding