Border Maintenance
Creating the perfect border is my passion. Often the plants can be divided to double your stock. With a few additions , timely pruning and weeding , your garden is a few moves away from being perfect. Pre season fertilization also helps the display. Extending the season with high summer plants such as Dahlias , Chrysanthemums and bedding is a must.
Scheduled Maintenance Work
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                   The garden above is one of my favourites! To whom it may concern : James Dawson has been working here once a week since June 2010. I have been surprised and delighted by his knowledge about plants and his enthusiasm for everything to do with our garden. He does not allow any bad weather conditions to put him off , even if it is wet. He works extremely hard and is very effective ; my garden has improved considerably since he has been with me. He is absolutely reliable in the busy times ( April - November). I can recommend him thoroughly. Please ring me if you would like any more information. Mrs Anne Eustace . Munfin House , Hurst, Nr Wokingham 
Weekly , Fortnightly or monthly maintenance contracts. Foxley can care for your garden all year round. One of my favourite sayings is ‘you can’t expect to have a perfect garden in the summer if you don’t put the work in the winter’
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Weekly Maintenance